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Drink Driving, Drug and Domestic Violence Lawyers in Fairfield

Expert advice and rigorous representation. For a highly experienced team of criminal and vehicle offences and drug, drink driving and domestic violence lawyers in Fairfield, get in touch with Criminal & Traffic Law.

We are available to help, advise, assist and represent you in any vehicle and criminal offence, including but not limited to vehicle offences, including negligent driving occasioning death or grievous bodily harm, as well as assault, AVO, domestic violence, drug charges, fraud, robbery, sexual assault and more. Don’t hesitate to contact our team today about your particular legal matter.

You can visit our firm at our conveniently located office on Spencer Street in the heart of Fairfield, with plenty of parking nearby for your convenience. Of course, we can also travel to BlacktownBankstown and Liverpool to support and represent you in court/s around the state, including nearby Magistrates’ Courts.

Fairfield lawyers for traffic, assault, domestic violence and drug and drink driving charges

Is your friend or family member in custody and in need of urgent assistance? Our lawyers can help with that too – contact our office to enquire. It is important to ensure that, when a loved one has been arrested, their rights are being upheld while they’re in custody. Get the professional assault and traffic experts at our firm.

It is also useful to have legal representation during any police interviews in some circumstances. We can advise you on the best course of action when faced with any criminal charges, such as domestic violence or vehicle offences. Trust our team of Sydney-based legal experts to provide you the information and representation you need to get the best possible outcome.

What can you expect from our service?

Our Fairfield lawyers have been applying their trade for many years and have endless experience across the above-mentioned fields. As such, when you visit our firm for a consultation, you can expect to speak with experts who are truly dedicated to ensuring you receive the best service.

You can expect the following from our experts:

  • The highest professionalism: We have been in the field for a long time and understand the confronting nature of some of our cases. As such, we always provide the highest level of professionalism for our valued clients, ensuring that they feel safe and comfortable with our advice and process. Our commitment to professionalism is partly what makes us the most respected firm in the local area, and why our clients are always happy to provide a satisfactory testimonial.
  • Quality service: We live and breathe the law. What’s more, we believe in providing nothing but the highest standard of service for our clients. No two cases are the same, and so we take the time to understand the finer points of each case before going to work on providing the highest standard of advice and representation.

Looking for experienced criminal defence servicing Sydney?

For more information on the work we do at Criminal & Traffic Law regarding vehicle, drug, domestic violence or drink driving charges, we invite you to explore our information pages. To enquire further or to make an appointment to see one of the experts at our office, call (02) 9723 3522 or email


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