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Who we are

Our criminal and traffic lawyers in Sydney consistently achieve better than expected results in matters covering the full criminal law/traffic law spectrum, from murder to traffic infringements. We will defend your rights to the full extent of the law at trial, hearing, sentence, appeal, or bail application.

In many cases we have the charges against our clients withdrawn without the need to have the matter determined by a court an option often ignored by those law firms not 100% engaged with the criminal justice system.

At our conveniently located traffic and criminal law firm in Sydney, we have the combined knowledge and experience necessary to give you the best representation available. Our expertise is complemented by an extensive team of impeccably credentialed experts to give you confidence you are obtaining the very best advice and representation available.

At your first conference (meeting) at our law firm in Sydney we will advise you as to how your rights may be best defended on an obligation free basis.

Our depth of experience means we are familiar with the vast majority of courts in greater Sydney, including the presiding judges, magistrates and prosecutors. The value of such knowledge cannot be overstated. Next time you need a traffic court lawyer in Sydney to guide you through traffic offences, consider what we have to offer.


We have experience at every level of appeal in the NSW Criminal Justice system.

Our traffic infringement lawyers can challenge any traffic infringement on your behalf including infringements recorded by a radar gun, speed camera, safety camera or red light camera.

All of our lawyers have spent their legal careers practicing as criminal defence solicitors in Sydney. As such we may be aware of an approach to your matter that may not be considered by more generalist practitioners. For example, we may be able to have your charges or traffic infringement withdrawn, or downgraded, or the alleged facts amended, by making REPRESENTATIONS to the DPP/Police or RTA/SDRO.

Even if you are guilty of the offence, we may nonetheless be able to have your charges dismissed under s 10 Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act, 1999, or under s 32 Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act, 1990, without a conviction being recorded.

By retaining Criminal & Traffic Law you are assured you have lawyers who are up to date with all relevant legislative and case law developments. Our solicitors are expert advocates, familiar with the intricacies of the laws of evidence and practice and procedure. Consequently, our solicitors have the ability to defend many matters that would usually involve the significant added cost of counsel. We retain counsel in more complex matters and at our clients’ discretion.

Our advocacy expertise make us astute assessors of counsels’ skills. This gives us a unique ability to discern talent at the bar, giving you confidence that if retention of counsel is necessary, we can recommend a choice of the best practitioners in the relevant area of criminal law practice.